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We are happy to provide a quote!

To do so, please tell us about your event.

Unfortunately, our webform is not working. We have to use email until it is fixed.
A response is typically sent within 24 hours. All information is confidential and will NOT be shared or distributed.

Please send an email to: dgeering @ gmail . com

Copy and paste the questions below into your email and provide a response for each:

================== CONTACT ==========================

1) Name:

2) Mailing Address:

3) Phone Number(s):

4) Email:

================== EVENT INFORMATION ==================

5) Type of Event: Wedding Ceremony Only; Wedding and Reception; Reception (any occasion); Dinner/Banquet; Party/Cocktail Hour; Other

6) Is the event Indoor or Outdoor?
(Weather permitting, September 1 - June 15)
NOTE:The quartet does not perform outdoors between June 15 and August 31.

7) Event Date and Time:

8) How long do you want us to play?
(A standard wedding is ~30 before the ceremony; the entire ceremony; 5-10 minutes for guests to leave.)

9) Name and/or venue address:

10) Bride's Name:

11) Groom's Name:

12) Approximately how many guests?

13) Is there a unity candle, sand ceremony, or other ceremony that requires background music?
(This does not affect pricing)

================== EXTRAS ===========================

14) Will we accompany any friends, family, guests, etc.? (No charge)

15) Do you want us to hire additional musicians? Trumpet, Vocalist, Other? (Additional charges apply)

16) Additional comments or special requests:


Thank you very much.