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Welcome to our music library.  The menu at the left groups the pieces by genre.  "Listen to Us" takes you to samples that we recorded ourselves.

Q&A for music samples:

How do I listen to an excerpt? Click an underlined title.  If the title isn't underlined, we don't have an excerpt yet.
What format are the audio samples in? MP3 format.  If your computer doesn't have an MP3 player, you can download one for free. Search for "MP3 player" on Google.
Do you perform all the pieces on your site? Absolutely!  We simply haven't recorded them all because of the studio time required.
There's a piece I really want you to perform, but I don't see it on your site.  Can you play it? We have roughly 120 pieces in our repertoire, but only about 90 are excerpted on our site.  Adding excerpts is a constant work in progress.  Contact us to ask about a particular piece.
Do you have a demo CD? Yes.  Contact us to request a demo.
I have a slow internet connection. Do you have a CD of all the excerpts on your site? We have a 2-CD set with all the excerpts.  These CD's are free to clients who have booked our group.  Non-clients in the USA or Canada may obtain a copy for  US $5.00 (covers the cost of the CD and postage).  Please contact us to request a copy.